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Reading cards is not just about drawing cards. Cartomancy is a science, recognised for centuries as a source of information that is inaccessible in the real world. I, Rita, use the cards and the study of the stars as the basis of my knowledge. My aim? To offer my visitors a better understanding of their lives, past or future. By drawing the cards, we will explore together what fate has in store for you. Indeed, card reading has been used since ancient times as a source of knowledge, to better understand our own history. But this must be done in a controlled way, in order to be able to interpret the information correctly. The study of the stars will allow me to confirm the information obtained.
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Saviour malisawa

Rating : 10

It's really good and changing lifes


Rating : 4

Did not get a reply, I asked if my sister hangs around with me as she passed away not too long ago. And I'm a starter medium gifted gifts and feel her presence. But I would like to confirm that it is her.